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“The Communication Training is a unique training that no one offers here in Bulgaria. I know there is a big need for this.”     Emil, Cru leader

The U.S. is rich with training on every imaginable topic.  For instance, Google ‘communication training’ and you will see a wide selection of seminars to attend. Not true in other parts of the world.   

Our Keynote teams traveled to Bulgaria the past two summers equipping missionaries, pastors, and volunteers with communication training. This July has a different twist. Myself, my coworker Denise, and our training Bulgarian staff will conduct our Communication Training for college students attending an English Camp sponsored by our ministry. Most students attending are not believers. 

Historically, we have used this curriculum primarily with Christians. This year I spent months creating a comparable curriculum for businesses, college students, and young professionals who do not have a faith in God. The sessions on The Power of Story provide many opportunities to learn more about each student from their life and perspective. In turn the few believers present will naturally share stories how God has intersected with their lives and experiences. The new curriculum and time spent together will provide many connections for spiritual conversation in a non-threatening, learning environment. 

If you would be able to partner with me financially (as well as pray!) I would be ever so grateful!! My expenses will be $2,150 (most of that is air fare).   You can do so by giving on our secure site:  www.give.cru.org/2791531

Hear from our Bulgarian partners: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PhekvR1XWqQ&feature=c4-°©‐overview-°©vl&list=PL89778DE0E3DAEAC4



Not only am I going to the world, the world is also coming to me this summer. 

July 5 – 19 a missionary from Kazakhstan will come here for training.  She wants to grow more musically and learn how to use her music as outreach in her country. I am coordinating her training and I will meet with her until I leave for Bulgaria.  

Please Pray:

1. That our friend from Kazakhstan will absorb the training and return with creative outreach ideas.

2.     That Bulgarian students will want to learn more about God and give their lives to Him.

3.     Logistics and travel safety to Bulgaria & the trip to the camp up in the mountains. July 14 – July 23.

 Adventure awaits!