winding roadCalling Forth GOLD 

“The women are still talking about how great the retreat was!” a friend told me this morning. “They loved it and you!”

Two weeks ago I led women on a quest for our identity, our longings, where we take our longings, examining if we believe what God says is true over other voices, etc. Many women shared they had not thought about these vulnerable questions for decades. I could see God awakening hearts throughout the weekend. So beautiful!

Last weekend the retreat was powerful as we identified themes in our lives and seriously explored, “What could it look like to be fully alive with God’s power?”

I love calling forth the gold that is too often buried deep inside hearts covered by layers of pain, broken dreams, or unanswered prayer. Speaking at women’s retreats and events is life giving as I watch God do the miraculous right before my eyes!


Based on the novel by Victor LesMisHugo, Les Misérables  is a beautiful story of grace, mercy and love. It is a dramatic picture of the kind of love God has for us and the mercy He extends to us through His son, Jesus Christ.

I am honored to be part of the 100-voice chorus in this quality production (11 shows). Tickets are $7. This is a perfect opportunity to bring friends and neighbors to experience a taste of God’s amazing grace!                                                          

outofboxwordsout of boxCreativity in motion –

In addition to my Global Missions Training responsibilities, I now serve with The Innovation Team, a new wing of Cru’s National R&D (Research & Development) department. Our job is to think outside the box to create artistic ministry resources and strategies that help our thousands of missionaries win, build, and send Christ laborers throughout the world. It is a stimulating team and taps into old and new expressions of my gifting. I’m excited about the privilege of serving this way to leverage the communicative power of the arts to accelerate the Great Commission in this generation.

A fun aspect of this team is the aggressive strategic learning process. To create useful tools we must have regular contact with our field ministries, working alongside them whenever possible. This means we will attend student conferences, visit campuses, and participate in summer missions to better understand the needs of our staff.  We have already spent significant time researching our target audience: millennials (college age); their values, hopes, fears, interests, intellectual processes, gifting, uniqueness, etc. 

Thanks for joining me on this mission as I push myself to grow and help create culturally relevant projects/tools to help spur our mission in Cru to win, build, and send. We covet your prayers.

Joyfully His,

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