Good leaders pour into others, but who pours into them?

Com Lab 15

IMG_2036Pastors, Cru campus directors, and other leaders came to the Cru Comm Lab expecting to be challenged in their thinking, expecting to be uncomfortable in the daily communication drills, expecting to be stretched, expecting to grow. They wanted to have a trained coach speak into their strengths and give personalized, practical tips on how to be more effective in speaking. They were hungry, teachable and pliable.

Tali grew up in the Middle East and has been in the U.S. only three years.  Her story of Taliabuse, fleeing for her life, being a refugee, and converting to Christianity is jaw dropping. Tali absorbed every suggestion I gave and worked tirelessly all week. It was such an honor to coach and help prepare this amazing woman to share her compelling story. . . a story of redemption by the Savior who pursued her fervently. She is scheduled to speak before hundreds who need to hear how to step out of darkness into The Light.

Note of encouragement: “Dana, Thank you oh so much for being an amazing, dedicated coach! In just four days it is so clear that you really care about us. Your help is so specific, challenging, and unique. I know that we all have grown so much! Thank you!”

Have I mentioned lately how much I love my job?!!!

Good (?) grief

Michael and I were privileged to attend two grief & loss seminars this month. It is hard to describe the intense pull we have toward those who are hurting, grieving, and suffering from deep loss.

Dr. Alan Wolfelt spoke about companioning vs. counseling which put words to our philosophy. We sense God has a plan to use us in this delicate ministry in the future.

Grateful for your partnership!!!


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