Are there certain patterns or circles that you find yourself repeating in your life? What’s it going to take for you to get out of these patterns of destruction?”

Rhymz Suhreal, a dynamic hip-hop duo with our ministry, posed these questions to high school students in Australia last month. During their concert, they showed their new music video—“Waves”— off their latest album, City Streets. The high school kids LOVED Zak and Becky, their music and honest challenge. Rhymz Suhreal spoke their language!

Rhymz Suhreal saw over 10% of students attending the concerts begin a relationship with Christ!!! More students with questions signed up for Bible studies. Our local Cru staff and volunteers in Australia will be busy for quite a while following up each student. 🙂

Zak shares the inspiration behind Waves in a ‘behind the scenes’ video. Zak’s personal experience with the waves and circles of life gives him the platform to offer encouragement for breaking free from these traps. Though the Waves video content is heavy, its truth is inescapable. Each of us, at one point or another, gets caught in circles of sin or destructive behavior. Check out Zak’s story. But only if you want to be encouraged! J (2:42 seconds)  

There is a circle breaker. There IS someone who can set you free from these patterns of destruction. Wouldn’t it be great to have a new start in life?”  Zak

Yes a new start! Our Innovation team helped produce this video, the discussion tool, marketing, etc. Our goal is to reach millennials with God’s message of hope in a language they can understand. It is such a joy to work with such creative people who long to bring light into places of darkness.


July 14-21 was a rich time for our Cru staff to gather in Colorado to worship God, pray and listen. I loved the open, honest dialogue about how to minister in an ethnic diverse culture. We heard from Rev. James White, Christena Cleveland, Dr. John Perkins, along with Francis Chan and other dynamic voices.  You can view all of their talks as well as backstage interviews:

GRIEF TRAINING    August 10-13 Michael and I attended training for leading grief groups.  Dr. Alan Wolfelt is THE best instructor/expert!!! What a journey this is for us.

FAMILY FUN              It was wonderful spending time with Chris and celebrating the majesty of God’s creation in Colorado!!!   Last week Michael, Jess and Joey totally surprised me with a party for my momentous birthday. Feeling the love in my old age!

STORY RETREAT    Thank God with me for the women who learned how to discover their stories last weekend. They are now equipped to share Christ more naturally with those who need to experience His grace. I love teaching women!