Corn ready to harvestCorn ready to harvestCorn on Selma Albany Pike“The harvest is plentiful.  The laborers are  few; therefore pray to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.”    Matthew 9:37

“Yes! Send more help!” my missionary heart cries. 

As a farm girl I participated in MANY harvests. Long hot days pulling weeds, shucking corn by hand way past sundown (sometimes in snow), scrapes and burning scratches putting up hay bales, sore muscles picking strawberries and beans, etc.  Reflecting on the farm, I ponder Matthew 9:37 in a fresh way.

1. Jesus did not say, “the harvest will be ready in a month or two.” He said, “the harvest IS plentiful.” There are people right now ready and waiting to hear about His life-changing message. I can approach people assuming they want to hear.

2. There is always an urgency to harvest time. A farmer has a short window of time when the crop is ready. Pick too early and the fruit is underdeveloped. Wait too long and it begins to dry up, or spoil, or you run the risk of storms that could damage the crops. It is as if Jesus is saying, “It’s time.”

Why do I not feel more urgent? Is it because I don’t see the harvest as MY harvest? If it is someone else’s field, someone else’s harvest… I can choose to be involved or not involved.  However if it is MY field, if it is MY farm, there is no choice… when it is time I’ll do whatever necessary to get the crops in. 

3. Lastly, as a farmer, I cannot ignore that each crop has a unique process for harvesting. Each crop has to be handled differently so as not to bruise the fruit or cause more waste.

38 years ago on my first international trip, I shared with a little girl in Hong Kong, “God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life.With big brown eyes, she looked up at me, “Who is God?” Her innocent question sobered me. Now I’m constantly seeking better ways to handle the “fruit” lovingly and accurately in the various fields where God is sending me (neighbors, internationals, millennials, etc).

Each of us has a sphere of influence. Missions is not just about going overseas though that is still critical. But right now God is bringing the harvest to us:  those with whom you work, or neighbors who live on your street, who possess various faiths, persuasions, values, and backgrounds. Every day God is surrounding EACH of us with hearts that are already on a spiritual journey, whether they know it or not.

It’s time. The harvest IS plentiful. It’s our field, the FAMILY farm.

A view of the famed Rose Window in Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, France.

71 college students from North Dakota to Wisconsin gathered in Minneapolis this past weekend for a worship training conference. It was a joy to meet them, pour into them, coach them in comm skills, hear their hearts, and be reminded that God is moving on college campuses!!!

Please pray:

1. For our band in India this month reaching thousands

2. For our Armenia team equipping Cru leaders in Communication skills.

3.  Nov 2-5  I will be writing the Grief Seminar training materials. Need much prayer!

Grateful for your partnership!

Joyfully His,

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