worried-girl-413690_1280“Don’t stop doing what you’re doing. The grief training. Don’t stop. it is so necessary! So needed!”   

My co-worker greeted me with these words. As I asked questions, she described her dear friend who wanted to reach out to someone in bereavement but felt utterly helpless to know what to do or say.

Few people feel equipped to know how to respond to a co-worker, family, church member, or friend in grief. Some pastors have confessed they don’t know what to do or say once they’ve conducted a funeral. We have been taught all our lives how to acquire things, but never how to lose them. Fearing what we don’t understand, we slowly pull away leaving our friend feeling even more isolated and alone at their deepest point of need.

Please pray as I provide Navigating Grief next month, a seminar to understand and companion someone in grief.

June 5 –     for small group leaders at a local church
June 23 –  Shepherd’s Gate Inn, Martinsville, IN
9:30 – 1:00    includes lunch (afternoon option for appointments)
Designed for pastors, care givers, laity.                                                                                               To register, contact: becka@rest-ministires.org, 767-327-7157

My desire is that people will walk away from this training with greater understanding and be more comfortable to move toward someone verses away, to be a compassionate companion on this unwanted, uncharted journey called grief.

Grad collageMaster of Arts, Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate (LMHCA)

So proud of Michael for pursuing a life long dream of being a counselor! This fall he will be counseling at the student clinic at Anderson University!

Worship Training for College students       Last month 26 students came for in-depth training on leading others in worship. We focused on the heart, individual skills, and methods.  These students are leaders in Cru movements throughout the Midwest. A highlight for them was meeting other students with the same passion to make Christ tangible through worship. I loved the deep heart-to-heart chats with these tender hearts as well as imparting tools for effective ministry.

woman-570883_1280June 3-4 – Speaking @ Women’s Retreat, “Who Am I? Really?” Praying for God to set hearts free!