Renew – Rebuild – Restore

I pass this house encased in fallow fields every day on my way to work. A home that once housed farmers who tilled the earth now sits vacant as city encroaches. I cannot help but wonder what stories this old place holds. When was it built? Who lived there? How many kids did they have? Did the father play harmonica like my Daddy? Did they participate in the Underground Railroad like many here in Westfield? Why is it now abandoned?

Sadly, this ol’ house seems to be beyond repair – or is it? Lest you think we plan to buy it and restore it, let me calm your fears. J Yet there is a deep part of me that would love to see it restored. I have restored and/or repurposed many antique furniture pieces and love watching and helping old things come back to life. It reveals much about life and of my spiritual journey.

Isaiah 61 speaks clearly of these processes – Renew – Rebuild – Restore – and the life each step brings. Every time I meet someone for grief care or spiritual direction I pray that God will visit us, that HE will gently do the work of renewing hearts, rebuilding broken relationships and lives, and restoring hope and health to body, soul and spirit.

Like this old house, every person has a story. They may not look as broken down on the outside, but many walk around with internal devastation, some feeling broken beyond repair. Many feel abandoned. But we are never beyond God’s redemptive power, never beyond His love that is immeasurably high and deep and oh so wide!

Though Indiana winter skies are gray, these truths yield bright sunshine to my heart and soul. There is always hope! What a privilege to partner with Him in this beautiful healing process.

Speaking of broken . . .  60 degree weather was too beautiful to resist a bike ride last Sunday (Jan 22).   Result = broken fibula, strained ligaments in my right leg, ankle, and knee and many bruises.

Blessings I’m grateful for:

  • angels who went WAY out of their way to assist us out on the trail
  • I did not hit my head
  • I will recover in time
  • we got 10 miles in before the accident
  • my bike suffered only a few scratches