Hobbling around on crutches makes it difficult to carry anything but the weight of my own body. No amount of pride can change the fact that I need help as I recover from a broken leg and strained ligaments. Slowly, I am getting more comfortable allowing others to carry what I cannot as they offer, “Let me take that for you.”

This morning I began prayer as usual – trying to clear my mind to be able to give my full attention to God. It frustrates me that while desiring to meet with God so many “earthly” distractions clamor for my attention. L Then, breaking through the clatter in my head, I heard these words, “Let me take that for you.” What? “Let ME take that for you.”

Jesus speaks; offering to take all the distractions, all that weighs me down. This offer sounds so familiar. These very words he spoke to me from the cross and he offers again to me now. He longs to lift my load. He longs to carry what I cannot as I ‘hobble around’ spiritually. It is why he came, to seek and save the lost, to carry what I cannot so we can journey together. One by one I hand over the distractions and worries. As I let go I feel lighter, more free – free to enjoy Him wholeheartedly. The sheer grace of God stuns me yet again.

From the beams of the cross, beside the piles that clutter the rooms of our hearts, in the midst of demanding thoughts and self-talk, listen. Listen closely. This is Christ’s invitation to us all, “Let ME take that for you.” What might change in your life if you begin to let Him carry all that is weighing you down?


I had to cancel going to the PA Worship Arts Weekend. My team texted saying it was good that I stayed home as the facility required a lot of walking!

Though I don’t like staying behind, my heart was comforted knowing students would learn and grow. Our staff do such a great job sharing matters of the heart, as well as practical skills. It was sweet for me to realize I taught most of our staff to be Comm Coaches years ago. Good reminder that as we invest in others and equip them, ministry multiplies.

Thank you for praying. The students loved every minute and long for more. Pray as they return to the eight campuses and apply what they have learned and experienced.


In Panama City Beach, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas, the heart of Cru’s Big Break is to help college students grow in their relationship with Christ along with confidence and skill when lovingly sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Through practical training, biblical teaching and hands-on experience they will discover the joy of getting involved with the community and vacationers. In 2016 over 500 people came to Christ through students at Big Break.

Most of my team will be serving these three weeks of outreaches in Panama City Beach, FL, leading worship, hosting the prayer room, leading creative outreaches, etc.

As my leg heals, I have projects here in Indy to keep me busy as I prep for April & May’s busy schedule. More about that next month.