Going Down Under    May 25-June 10, 2017

As I teach and coach our Australian Cru staff in effective communication skills, please pray I will be:

  • Spirit led.
  • Provide specific guidance for each person.
  • Gentle as I teach a class on Resolving Conflict.






Grief and Mourning

Thanks to those who prayed for my ministry in Orlando last week speaking to broken-hearted parents who deal with loss on a daily basis.

“You mean I’m not crazy, I’m grieving?” This, and similar comments, came from those who have been suffering physical, cognitive, emotional, social, and spiritual affects of grief. In our culture that wants everyone to be happy and put a “good face” on life, grief is often a lonely suffering. Many shared that these classes were the highlight of their weekend providing hope for the future.


Earlier this month, Michael and I attended our fifth 30-hour course on grief with focus on “Complicated Grief.” Completing 150 hours of study through the Center for Loss (CEU’s through Colorado State University), both Michael and I received our certification in Death and Grief Studies at the end of the course. Dr. Alan Wolfelt has been an amazing teacher and mentor for us.

God continues to use what we are learning as we meet with individuals and groups. Thank you for praying for these sacred journeys.


Curious about Navigating Grief?

Once again this summer Michael and I will provide training for pastors, lay leaders, caregivers and professionals focusing on how to walk with someone in grief. The training will be held at the beautiful Shepherd’s Gate Inn in Martinsville just south of Indianapolis, June 22, 2017.

Pass this information along to your church staff or other professionals interested in registering for this practical, interactive training: www.rest-ministries.org