“Who develops leaders? We don’t get this opportunity very often. It is worth clearing our busy calendars to get personalized coaching.”

What a privilege to pour into the lives of leaders from Australia & New Zealand’s Power to Change (aka Campus Crusade). These world influencers entered the training with speaking experience and were hungry to learn. Their eagerness to be stretched and challenged to grow was thrilling for us coaches! The results in just five short days revealed incredible changes in each person.

In a study of Psalm 73 we talked about how our attitudes come through in our non-verbal communication. Our MC asked, “Where have you observed attitudes in your own life that have affected your ability to effectively communicate?”

What ensued was a 45-minute spontaneous discussion on culture. Aussies admitted they find it difficult to receive encouragement. To them, it feels disingenuous to receive positive feedback and they’d rather not stand out from the crowd and be praised like our American culture. They stated the poppy syndrome, “It is the poppy that stands above the rest that is cut down,”  which is similar to Japan, “It’s the raised nail that gets hammered down.” 

It was such an honest conservation with lots of ah-ha moments and even more laughter as we learned about each other. As coaches, we expressed our hearts in affirming them and said that we would only tell them that they were, at best, mediocre from that point forward! Ha. Their sense of humor is fabulous so they loved that! Our “unplanned” discussion changed the atmosphere for the week and seemed to allow for greater freedom and direct input.

One trainee emailed, “I came in very nervous about being there, particularly scared about getting feedback on my speaking. But I left feeling so much more confident about my ability to deliver a talk well! The input on the skills was excellent. But then (as you’d expect) the chance to practice these skills each day (one at a time) was just gold! My coaching group was wonderful—appropriate feedback but always in an atmosphere of encouragement. (And we had heaps of fun!)”

A trainee in my coaching group wrote on Facebook about her experience:
“I didn’t really know what to expect, but had heard great things about this training. Well, I can tell you now that the training certainly lived up to all the hype…Needless to say, we were all so grateful for this training and to our coaches who ran it and guided us each step of the way. Now for the next step: to keep putting what we learnt into practice and to continue growing in the skills we were taught :-)! For His glory!!”

School of Spiritual Direction Certificate

The two-year long intense learning experience is complete. This training dovetails beautifully with my grief training. Many who have suffered deep loss have deep spiritual questions. I love accompanying them on their unique, often lonely, journeys.