Fruit that remains. . . .        

A group of musicians with Cru, Singapore, came to Indiana in 1994 to receive four months of training in communication skills, ministry skills, programing skills, etc. They returned to their country with experience and vision. They wanted to reproduce the training for college students who longed to use their musical and artistic gifts to share Christ with others. Michael and some of our staff went to Singapore in 1997 to train staff as they launched their first summer project. Mark Surendren was one of the pioneers. I received this update recently from Mark regarding a recent student group they trained.

“In March, we had the privilege of working with three different bands, with three different testimonies but one gospel presentation to share God’s love to a 1,376 students through a span of three days at a local missions school. From over 300 or so response slip that they collected, we found six indicating decisions for Christ, 31 desiring to know more and there were 284 re-dedications. Rejoice with us on what God is doing both in the hearts of the band members and also the lives of the students.”

I love being a part of training others who train others.  The same week I heard from Cru staff in Panama training a group of pastors and leaders about “Resolving Conflict.” It took me back to 2008 when I taught this class to our Cru staff who asked if I would share my teaching notes so they could teach others – “no one teaches this but it is so important.” The stories go on and on.

Thank you for being a faithful partner in ministry! You are impacting the world!


209 mission projects  * 1622 students serving stateside  *  1370 students are overseas

Students on these projects have opportunities to share their faith and provide encouragement and training to new believers. But the experience also produces tremendous growth in their own lives. They return to their homes, churches and campuses in the fall with strengthened faith and a clearer understanding of how God can work through them as they trust Him. Pray they finish well these next few weeks!

I was forever changed on a Cru Summer Mission in 1975! Praying the same for these 2,992 students.

Cru staff from across the U.S. will gather in Ft. Collins, CO for our biennial conference. Pray with us that God will speak to each heart the message He has for us as we worship, pray, and hear from our leaders and speakers.

Speaking of fruit that remains. . . 40 years ago this month I joined the staff of Cru. These past four decades have been nothing short of AMAZING!