The Cry of Brokenness

Easter changes everything! God’s love goes beyond the unimaginable to invite us into relationship with him.

Every time, it sickens me to read of or watch the cruelty done to Christ. Man’s hate, jealousy, envy, pride, and judgment all culminated that ‘Good’ Friday. Sobering that it was the religious leaders who led the charge.

At the end of it all, Jesus cries, “My God! My God! Why have you forsaken me?” Yes, even Jesus felt abandoned in his pain. How many times have I, too, cried out, “God, where ARE you?” Pain can be so overwhelming that it blinds us from seeing or feeling God anywhere. This guttural cry goes out – often only silence bounces back.

In the midst of the silence we may not feel God is there, or that he understands. I was reminded again this past week, with the image of blood pouring from the body of Christ, that he has experienced all I face and more. Jesus a man of sorrows deeply acquainted with grief. Jesus knows. Jesus suffered rejection, betrayal, and the anguish of being misunderstood and falsely accused by the very ones he came to save. He was beaten and abused beyond recognition, was mocked and tortured unmercifully till he breathed his last. Jesus, who IS God, knows of suffering. The Trinity (Father, Son & Holy Spirit) has compassion for our sorrows. Com=with. Passion=suffering. God has com passion toward us. He is with us in our suffering. The very things that cause my suffering were what nailed him to the cross. . . all the sins, the wrongdoing, the injustices. He carried my sorrows, and my sins, to the cross. He bore it ALL. If anyone understands, it is God.

Perhaps the silence in our anguish comes from One who realizes in the midst of deep sorrow there are no words. Rather, God sits with us in our pain. The Spirit intercedes for us in our pain. Our comfort comes from One who knows us and understands. One who understands and did something about it. One who will one day set all things right. One who has gone before us, is with us, and is preparing a place for us where there is no more sorrow or tears. (Rev 21:1-5) Yes, Easter changes everything!

From a two-month old believer to his campus staff team: Big Break has been the most impactful life event for me up to this point, and it’s thanks to you guys. You guys are all amazing people who have accepted me for what I am and what I’m not and you’ve all encouraged me to grow in my faith. I’ve made some great connections on this trip and grown closer with so many of you. Two months ago I didn’t have life and wasn’t glorifying God in the way I was living, but now I realize I’ve been given a new life thanks to Cru. Just seeing the way that all of you love God and love following your faith is so encouraging.”                                                                                        


Please partner with me in prayer:

April 4-5 creative video shoot for a project called Harmony

April 10-14 Comm Lab (speaking and coaching Cru staff and community leaders)

April 15-17 Comm Coach Planning retreat

Projects for our Innovation Team:

  • series of videos addressing racial reconciliation (Harmony is one of those)
  • First in Mi Familia, a book to help people in the Latino community deepen the appreciation and value of their ethnic identity while inviting them forward in their spiritual journey toward Christ;
  • a tool introducing God’s truth to Gen Z (18-yrs-old and younger)

Continued wisdom as I meet with those in grief, and also many trapped in the mist of confusing life circumstances crying out “God where are you?”