Bulgaria – from seed to fruit

Farming is an act of faith. You work up the ground, you plant the seed, but if the rains don’t come, there will be no harvest or fruit. Jesus made many references to seeds, soil, and harvest. This month I got a sneak peak into spiritual fruit blossoming half way around the world.

In 2014, I traveled to Bulgaria to provide Communication training for non-Christian college students attending an English Camp. Part of my role was to equip the local Cru staff how to teach the material and coach students. This March the director from that English camp wrote to me saying, “This semester we will do Public Speaking course for nonbelievers for a second time by ourselves without foreign tutors. Thank you for helping us to grow in that direction.” Daniel

Last month I received emails from two of the students from that 2014 project whom I’ve kept in touch with through the years. In 2014 Niki was a very confident young man studying business. He had a tough-guy exterior and was already a strong communicator. He received instruction well and grew significantly that week in my coaching group. Niki was not a Christian and basically communicated that Christianity was for weak people. Imagine how delighted I was when he told me he had given his life to Christ this past year! While he had pursued money, popularity, and power in his former life, he now wants to put his efforts into helping students in his country know what life is truly about. . . having a personal relationship with the God who created them. He was asking for financial help to be able to staff the English camp for this summer. Absolutely! What a joy to be able to partner with him!

It is a sweet reminder that #1) no one is ever outside the expansive mercy and love of God, and #2) we are always planting seeds through our relationships with every person we meet. Thank you for partnering with ME to plant seeds literally around the world. Because of YOU, Niki is now telling other students about Christ and planting more seeds!

This summer over 2,000 of students are on Cru Mission projects at beaches, in inner cities, teaching in English camps, serving on work projects, etc. Pray for all the seeds being planted and watered. God will bring about fruit in His time in His way.

Every encounter is an opportunity to plant seeds of love and kindness or water with grace, mercy, and prayer. You just never know who may join the Family as a result!