Gen Z is in the house!
This month millions of college students head back to campus chasing a dream. For some the dream is well defined, for others it is just to survive what is expected of them in hopes of a better future.

The first 30 days on campus often sets the tone for the entire year, especially for freshmen. These freshman are the emergent Gen Z, those born between 1999-2015. It is a whole new world of independence and discovery; discovering who they are, what they truly believe, the values they will hold on to and those they feel are negotiable or irrelevant.

Our Cru staff pour tremendous energy into meeting as many freshmen as they can these first 30 days. We know the influence that new friends and community can have in the lives of these freshmen. We want them to be in a healthy, supportive community that helps them in their personal growth and discovery – discovery of themselves and of the God who created them.

Some students are the “first in their family” to attend college; carrying on their shoulders not only their dreams but the dreams of generations before them. Our Innovation team put together a booklet specifically for Latino students. I really enjoyed reading and editing many of the stories for this publication. These brave souls inspire me to dare to dream!

Please pray for Cru staff, and all Christian organizations on campus especially these first 30 days as they connect with Gen Z. May they have warm, welcoming arms for all who question, for all who are looking for a place to belong, for those who dare to dream.

Creativity & Grief

Grief happens inside.
Mourning moves grief outside.
All grieve, but not all mourn.
Those who do not mourn run the risk of burying their grief. Buried grief then becomes carried grief slowly eroding hope for a brighter future.

Helping people learn how to express the tangled web of emotions called grief can be challenging. Many struggle to find adequate words to express the depth of emotion swirling inside.

One of my dreams has been to attend a training program called The Creative Grief Studio. I’ve been accepted to attend THIS fall, Aug. 28 – Dec. 18. I look forward to learning how art and creativity can help people move their grief from inside to outside as they take courageous steps toward healing.

Three years ago as I read Isaiah 61 God place a dream on my heart – a dream of providing a healthy space for those in grief to give honor to their pain while learning how to integrate this new reality living forward.

As I have studied grief, met with bereaved hearts, and trained others, the dream continues. With the help and encouragement of many friends, I have launched Hope Rises to better serve grieving hearts and those who support them. If you know individuals looking for help in their grief journey, or churches and organizations desiring training in how to walk with the bereaved, please direct them to my site,

God has such compassion for the broken-hearted. I am honored to enter into such sacred journeys. I watch people who were stuck in grief find healing, hearts find their way back to God, and new sprouts of hope rising out of deep loss and confusion. Thank you for your continued prayers on this road less traveled. Let’s dare to dream what God will do!

SO grateful for you!!!