GEN Z Gospel

My desire is that every generation would get to hear the gospel presented in a way they can understand, which means we have to speak their language. For months our Innovation Lab team (left) at Cru Indy has been researching the newest generation, Gen Z, kids born 1996-2015. We had an intensive week of strategic meetings to pray and discuss how to move forward in our learning of how to communicate the message of Christ to these new college, high school, and junior high students. Currently, we are exploring what significant felt needs plague Gen Z. While we read many studies, we want to hear from Gen Z themselves.

We developed a survey and are getting it in the hands/screens of MANY Gen Z students from a variety of world views and backgrounds. Would you help us out by passing this along to any junior high, high school and/or college student you know? Here is the survey Google form link:


Just one year ago hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria ravaged our coasts. In response to that pain and destruction, our team did a video providing brief tips on how to respect the victims through compassionate listening. I’m sharing this video again in the wake of more destruction, this time from hurricane Florence.

Many Americans have huge hearts wanting to help but are at a loss to know what to say to victims affected by such trauma. If you know of any teams heading to areas affected by Florence, please send this to them as a resource.

In times of great loss, words can either be very healing or very hurtful.

Tragedy 101: What NOT to Say


Silent Retreat Oct 18-20

“How do you handle listening to so many sad stories?”


While I have taken wonderful training to help companion others in grief and spiritual questioning, quite honestly it is truly God’s grace!

God is helping me see that each person is on their own individual journey. All I can do is help create a safe holding space for others to process their pain. I pray for my clients a lot as only God is able to carry their burdens.

I’m also trying to build more time in my schedule to pull away and spend quiet and reflective time with the Lord, to hear from Him and be refreshed. I’m excited to experience my first Silent Retreat Oct 18-20. My heart is ready!