How we view the world and others is through a lens . . . formed over time by many factors such as family, culture, experiences, privileges, information, beliefs, opportunities, etc.

As our Innovation team creates tools for Cru’s campus ministry, we desire to view things through different lenses – generational, cultural, ethnic, etc. Nov 6-10 our team will attend The Lenses Institute to have our eyes opened, our perspectives challenged, and our hearts expanded.

“The Lenses Institute is a five-day intensive training that aims to help the people of God fight for Oneness by influencing the way Christian leaders see, understand, and act in our ethnically and culturally diverse world.

The institute seeks to help participants tackle the challenges of seeing, loving, and serving people the way God does. Our goal is not to be “colorblind,” but rather, to see the beauty of God in the diversity of His people while celebrating and learning from the experience of others.”

Our team is currently working on three diversity videos so the training is timely. I am also studying how culture impacts a person’s journey through grief. How we see what we see often determines our steps. It is good to ponder how we see the world around us, not only how but why. Pray for our team to have open minds and hearts.

Please Pray for me:

Silent Retreat               Oct 18-20

A time for silence and listening for and to Jesus.

Navigating Grief        Nov 1st   10:30 – Noon

I’ve been asked to provide grief training for Cru’s Indy Metro Team.

The Lenses Institute     Nov 6-10 Orlando, FL                    

Pray for our Innovation Lab team as we experience this immersive and impactful training.

Healing Hearts                    Nov 12       Greenfield, IN

I’m partnering with Healing Hearts to talk about the impact of grief during the holidays. This night is for those who love someone who struggles with addiction.

Grief and the Holidays    Nov 29        Shepherd’s Gate Inn, Martinsville, IN

Thanksgiving and Christmas are challenging enough but facing the holidays when you are in grief can be overwhelming. Instead of avoiding these days altogether, come learn more of how to honor your loved one and find hope and comfort this season.