Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Chris Russo!

Words fail to describe the delight of seeing Chris and Amy vow to love God and one another the rest of their lives. The thoughtfulness in every detail of the wedding was touching.

We loved meeting their dear friends who spent over an hour after the rehearsal dinner to individually lay hands on and pray over Chris and Amy. Watching Chris and Amy take time in their wedding ceremony to wash the feet of their attendants spoke of their desire to serve and the special community God has placed around them. And yes, tears were shed by Mom & Dad (and many others)! It was great meeting more of Amy’s sweet family too.

I will forever treasure the mother and groom dance. Chris had picked the song You’ll Be in My Heart from Disney’s Tarzan movie we have watch so many times. It was perfect!

Yes, son, you’ll be in my heart . . . always.


Gen Z gospel

If you were to write an allegory of the gospel story what characters would you choose to symbolize life, sin, love, Christ, the enemy, God? It is a challenging exercise to try to explain the gospel using different words and symbols than what normally comes to mind.

Our team recently talked about the parables and what God wanted to communicate about himself through them. So many begin with “the kingdom of heaven is like. . .” God clearly wanted to communicate his heart in a new way.

I invite you to read the parables and ask: Who am I in the parable? What in the parable symbolizes God? What is God trying to tell me about himself? Why is this important for me to know? Sometimes a fresh look is needed.

Please pray for me:

Feb 4-7   I will be attending a Grief Training on Creating Meaningful Funeral Ceremonies, Scottsdale, AZ.    Looking forward to learning more!!  (And thawing out from these frigid temperatures in Indiana!

Feb 21-24  Speaking at the You’re Not Alone Conference in Orlando, FL. I will be sharing about the impacts of unconventional grief, the six needs of mourning, and meeting with couples desiring one-on-one counsel.

Community involvementPray for God’s clear guidance on how and where I should plug in and serve our community offering grief care and education. May God open wide the doors he has planned for me.