Our Innovation Lab has been working on a video series to encourage honest conversations about diversity, race, and ethnicity. I’m grieved to see how polarizing our culture is becoming. Yet in reality, it’s hard to understand that which we have never experienced.

Late April our team spent long hours capturing the “Reflections” of an interracial couple in love navigating the waters of two very different cultural backgrounds and experience. The script is an honest look at conversations and well-meaning intentions that often are painful. It is a mini glimpse into our broader American culture and the stories that play out on a daily basis. We long to be agents of bringing people together in the body of Christ and beyond.

Summer Missions

I remember well my first Summer Mission – Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, 1975. It truly was a life changing experience and the catalyst God used to draw me into ministry over 4 decades ago.

This summer thousands of college students with Cru and many other organizations are devoting their time to:

  • growing in their walk with God
  • expanding their world vision
  • deepening their heart for those who have not heard about Jesus.

Missions range from 2-12 weeks focused in urban, outdoor, and beach communities stateside as well as in major cities throughout the world. These are truly life changing trips, not just for those they will meet and share Jesus with, but also for the student. These students are future leaders of our companies, our cities, AND our churches. Join me in praying for lives to be transformed.

Personal Prayer Request:

Michael will sit for the National Clinical Mental Health Counselor Exam June 21 (now that he has completed his 3,000 supervised post-grad hours). I’m praying for the “walls of Jericho” to come tumbling down. A lot of blood, sweat, tears, finances, and future opportunities culminate in this exam. Please join me in praying for clear recall for Michael as we march around this wall! Thank you!