How you say what you say determines what is perceived or heard. Whether speaking in front of hundreds, sitting across the table from a friend, or texting on social media, the way we communicate impacts how we are understood. It is especially important when we communicate the message of Jesus. Though his message is a timeless truth, our words may not be received based on how we say them, our vocal tone, our non-verbal cues, or inability to understand the needs of our audience. It is the responsibility of the speaker to wisely do all possible to make sure they do not get in the way of the message.

Once again, Feb 10-14, I will help coach at Cru’s Comm Lab 2020. Throughout the four-day seminar, I will teach classes and daily provide individualized coaching to people from various ministries throughout the U.S.  The fear of speaking often comes from feeling inadequate. Our step-by-step guidance and coaching empower participants and always raises their confidence level. Some participants also request additional coaching on content material of their talks and presentations. It is a week full of nerves, laughter, courage, and grit. I love applying what that God has taught me to help empower others and have a front row seat to growth.

Permission to Grieve Seminar

Thirteen hundred college students gathered in Indianapolis at the Cru Winter Conference to grow deeper in their faith. On Sunday, with 20+ elective sessions to choose from, over 75 students came to hear how to deal with the deep sorrow of grief and loss.

My heart ached speaking to these struggling students. Some could not contain their emotion and tears. Many stayed after the session to talk one-on-one telling me of the tragic events that shattered life as they knew it. One young man told me he couldn’t wait to takes his notes home to share with his hurting family. Others shared similar desires. What a sacred journey to help hurting hearts process their grief.