And yet . . .

Some days the weight of the world’s sorrow, injustice, fear, and loss can feel overwhelming for this empath. And yet . . . in the midst of deaths, lockdown, and limited interaction, LIFE finds a way. Above our front door robins emerge and grow quickly. Seedlings push through the soil in my garden despite earlier cold and frost. And in our family, little Theo grows. His eyes are beginning to focus and see the world as if for the first time. His environment hasn’t changed, yet he is in awe as he discovers new sights.

Through the miracles of new life and new beginnings I too am seeing with new eyes. I am in awe of the simple wonders that have been surrounding me all along such as a warm embrace, a child’s laugh, the simplicity and unveiling of a beautiful sunset.  As independence and self-sufficiency have been removed, the drawn curtain reveals the many ways our hectic schedule and focus can distract us from some of the most simple beauties of life itself. What are some of your “and yet. . .” discoveries during this lockdown?

It is amazing to me that we have sheltered-in-place over two months. And yet . . . this has not stopped us ministering to others.  Our Innovation team has continued to meet via Zoom to complete projects and dream of new ones. Additionally, many Cru ministries around the globe have been super creative utilizing digital ways to connect with others and share God’s love. Here are some highlights:

  • From a leader in the Middle East:  Our staff are delivering food and medicine to refugees, tangibly sharing the love of Jesus. Many are open to the gospel like never before right now.
  • In Kenya during Easter weekend through Hope2020campaign4234 people were exposed to the gospel, 52 people are going through discipleship and follow up, 295 people have been trained to use the JESUS Film app and other digital tools and five people have accepted to follow Jesus Christ.
  • Cru’s outreach website comis seeing unprecedented numbers of people come to faith in Christ as someone trusts Jesus every 2 minutes 24/7.
  • Our team’s work on the Gen Z gospel may be used by our digital summer mission beginning in June. Because of this, we’re creating a website and a digital prototype. You can access the prototype at
  • During one week in March, Cru’s digital resources were accessed from every country on earth! As one staff member stated, “The calamities of the world are opportunities for God.”

Also, Michael and I continue to meet clients via telehealth. Mental health and grief are front and center in this pandemic. Pray that God will give us great wisdom with each person as we meet with those who are hurting and dealing with heartbreaking circumstances.

Please let me know how I can continue to pray specifically for you!