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These four numbers mark a year in time, 366 days in history. (leap year)

20-20 also is the standard for excellent vision, being able to read letters from twenty feet away without the aid of lenses.

Webster defines the phrase “twenty-twenty” as: “marked by facilely (easily attained) accurate discernment, judgment, or assessment.”

Americans were excited to turn the calendar to a NEW year. I think we were all ready for 2020 to be behind us.  If only the turn of paper could magically stem the tide of Covid or the deep wounding in our country and people’s hearts.

They say, “hindsight is 20-20.” And yet . . . hindsight (and any sight for that matter) largely depends upon the lens through which we look. I may look back and see different things than you. As we replaced our 2020 calendars with 2021, one thing is sure: each of us brought ourselves and our lenses into this new year.

As I thought of bringing myself into 2021, a question weighed heavy on my heart, “Who do I want to bring into this new year?”  I am taking inventory on current habits – ones that serve me well, and ones that don’t – want to guess which list is longer? (ha) I’m also praying slowly through scriptures that speak of grace, forgiveness, inner character, and ways to follow Jesus. I want to pay attention to how Jesus interacted with people and his world. I long to have HIS “lens” for 2021 and as I reflect on all that transpired in 2020.

Perhaps you’ve heard about choosing a “word for the year,” a word to keep in front of you, ponder and pray about, a word you trust God to weave into your life throughout the year. The word “partner” surfaced quickly in my mind this year. Immediately I thought of you my ministry partners; how your prayers and loving support go with me and sustain me. Of course, I am exceedingly grateful for my life partner Michael. We are just better together – for reasons that would require pages to describe. I also pray for God to bring the right partners to help me launch online grief trainings and resources, etc.

I wonder, “How well do I partner with God? Or do I?” As I trust him to unpack that word more throughout the next 12 months, I am trying to begin each day asking, “Lord, how can I partner with YOU today?” No matter where I go, He has already been. Believing he is already at work; I want my eyes to be watching and my ears more tuned to his leading of how I can join and partner with him.

Each day really is a step of faith. I am keenly aware of how much I need a Savior and how much our nation and world need him too! To that end . . .

Choose Your Own Adventure with GenZ
The Innovation Team pulled together a compilation of   resources to help our Cru staff learn more of the unique perspectives of this new generation who need Jesus.

I love how the articles, videos, and photos are laid out to easily learn the basics of Gen Z, dig deeper, or explore how Gen Z views faith and how to connect with them.

If you are interested in a link to this tool for you or your youth ministers, just email me @ Dana.Russo@Cru.org