Mission to Ukraine reaches out to the “least of these”. Many babies have been carried full term due to their local ministry, and countless families have received practical help and support for their special needs kids. Unfortunately in Ukraine many husbands abandon their family after a special needs baby is born. This is heart breaking on many levels and leaves an overwhelming responsibility on the mom to provide financially for the family in addition to caring for their needs.

Tatiana is the Communications Director for Mission to Ukraine responsible to develop partnerships locally and capture stories of how God is at work through their ministry. They partner with a church here in Indiana and she learned of our Communication Training and asked if I would train their team while in the States. It was a privilege! A note from my new friend:

“Dana, thank you so much for your time, talent, expertise, and passion in the ministry given to us freely and with much love. Communication training became one of the highlights of my trip. We were so impressed with it, that, I am sure, we mentioned it to almost every person we met. As I reported to our Mission to Ukraine ministry team about the trip, I remembered to use our new skills 🙂 (stretch :))

Thank you for the great resource on how to be an effective spokesperson. I am sure, our whole leadership team will benefit from it greatly.” Tatiana

Our Cru staff in Bulgaria have invited Keynote back to do our Communication training June 16- 22 to equip staff. I have been working with our Keynote team preparing them to also provide advanced training for four staff who participated in the Comm training when we went to Bulgaria last year. We will train them how to be Communication Coaches and give them on-the-job experience so they can equip even more staff and volunteers long after we are gone. Isn’t it exciting to see multiplication?

Last week I talked with a young staff girl named Lyuba via Skype. She ministers to young professionals in Kazakhstan. She loves music and desires to use it to reach more people in her culture. It was fun to talk through ideas for ministry opportunities.

She asked if I would Skype regularly with her to help her develop a concert program and develop the action points necessary to make this dream a reality.

Thank you for partnering with me in ministry! You are literally touching lives around the globe as you support my ministry of training missionaries and believers to effectively communicate God’s message to their own culture. Please keep these faithful believers in your prayers.