India girlsKeynote band reaches over 7,600 students

“Why do you believe in God?”    Hindu students eager to hear why someone would believe in Jesus Christ gathered around band members after each concert last month.  This was Keynote’s fourth concert tour to India to help expand the ministry there.   So many seeds planted!

One example:   Teresa, the lead singer, was talking to some Muslim girls.   After getting the usual “You have your God, we have ours. . .” response, she dug a little deeper with them about Jesus.  She told them that one of her favorite things about Jesus was the way he treated women.  That of course piqued their interest, and she challenged them to read more about Him in the Bible, and not just in the Koran, to get a fuller idea of who Jesus really was.

Hindu and Muslims alike flocked to the concerts because of their love of western music.  They heard a fabulous band AND heard about Jesus and why He came.  Our staff in India said our band was the only way they were able to be on these campuses.  New doors for ministry are now open and our local staff there will be able to meet with interested students.

The door….

Last week a dear friend of mine shared a tense new step in parenting their little girl.   It was Kinley’s first night in her “big” bed, the crib now awaiting her little brother.   Excited, she had a little night lamp glowing and was all tucked in for the night.    Mom and Dad walked out and stood quietly outside the door.  Suddenly there was a thud and no light coming through the crack.   Everything within my friend’s heart wanted to rush through that door and “fix it”, to go in and “rescue”, but they waited.   The light soon reappeared and they knew she was ok and their little girl had figured it out all on her own.

That story thrust me back to the many times I stood on the other side of the door with my own kids.  Not just physical doors but emotional ones as well.  There have been many ‘doors’ that I have waited behind through the years, some even now.  How grateful I am that God was, and is, on BOTH sides of the door.   Any door.


As Thanksgiving approaches I am so grateful for friends like you who have prayed for me and partnered with me oh so many years.  While this is a time for celebration, I am very aware of many of us who have lost loved ones and their absence around our table is felt deeply.   May the Lord comfort you as only He knows how.