caged cats

Hostages!  Miserable. Big pleading eyes. Pathetic meows. Little paws poke through metal slats begging us to release them from captivity. They are being held against their will. Midnight and Pumpkin are used to living outside.  Free to roam wherever they please.   How can they possibly understand that we are saving their lives from deadly sub-zero temperatures? They haven’t seen the 12″ of snow and even higher drifts. They have no concept of -45 wind chill factors.  

We went to a lot of trouble to buy a cage (not in our meager budget), set it up on a table in the garage, tent blankets over the top and sides, and put a space heater underneath on low to keep them comfy cozy. However, it appears there is little appreciation for all our efforts. No appreciation for the sacrifice my husband and son make every time they walk into the garage and return to the house sneezing and wheezing from allergies.  The kitties are NOT happy.  All they know is they are caged, confined, their liberty denied. “Betrayal!” they scream.  They just don’t get it.   But then how can they?  They are lowly cats.  They don’t see the big picture.  They don’t know what we know!   

I wonder…. is this how God feels as He lovingly takes care of me?  More sobering, am I an ungrateful kitty?