Spark of Life Powerful words.  Put those words together and they call deeply to those who are grieving losses; to those who feel stuck in their pain wondering if they will ever be happy again.  Spark of Life is a grief recovery weekend that addresses intense symptoms and challenges for those who have experienced loss. Michael and I were privileged to assist the leaders last month for a life-changing weekend.  Over and over we heard, “It’s just good to know I’m not the only one.  I’m not crazy.  I’m grieving.”  The sessions progressively provide hope and a game plan for how to live forward from the circumstances that have shaken their world.  For more info:

Michael is using every opportunity in Grad School to research and study grief recovery. We sense God has plans for us in this arena.


Thanks for praying for my leading worship for pastors and lay people getting away for a day to do some spiritual “house cleaning”.   It was a very special time together.  Pray as I continue to push myself to be more comfortable with leading with my guitar. 

Next weekend, April 25-26, Jessica and I will be leading worship for a women’s retreat at Twin Lakes Conference Center.  The topic:  forgiveness.   Please pray for God to use the worship times to prepare hearts for what He has to say and how He wants to lead.  God wants to set us free from the things that hold us captive. An unforgiving heart is such a heavy burden.

The following weekend, May 2-3, I will be speaking and leading worship for a Story retreat at Shepherd’s Gate Inn.  Please pray that women will see that God longs to redeem the circumstances that have shaped their lives, and that there is power in sharing their story. 


“Loved it, the most developmental conference I’ve ever been to, as well as my favorite.  Big fan!”

Over and over we heard rave reviews of how practical the Comm training was for participants.  Providing this effective life skill to missionary and church leaders is such a delight!  As it builds confidence in each leader, they are better equipped and bolder in initiating spiritual conversations instead of shying away from them. They also become more effective leaders of their ministries.


As we enter into the sorrow of this Good Friday and experience the joy filled reality of Christ’s resurrection, may our hearts be open to God’s leading and the empowerment of His Holy Spirit.  He has much more for us to hear, know, and be.  

He is risen!  He is risen indeed!   May we each learn and depend on Christ to truly live.  Live forward.