I wonder…Angel

Stephen,I wonder when you left my womb for heaven

Did you know how deeply I loved you?

Did you know the hope in our souls?

The longing in our hearts to know you?


I wonder from the darkness of my womb

Did you see The Light?

Did you suffer pain?

Or were you swept into Jesus’ arms

And made instantly whole?


I often wonder how our lives would be

Different because of you sharing it,

Day by day adding to our tapestry call family.


I wonder what type of personality you would have-

Your gifts, your skills, your heart.

I wonder so many things.

Though my heart still bears an ache

That began before you were conceived,

I am strangely comforted.


For I wonder what you experience right now in heaven.

I am truly grateful that you never tasted the bitter

Of this earthly life, this fallen world.

You have been graciously spared.


I wonder.

I ache.

I grieve our loss.

I rejoice in your life.

For your life reminds me that

These earthly years are but a vapor.


Though I never saw your face,

One day I will.

And though I never held you in my arms

I have always held you in my heart.