Garden flowers

“A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it.  It just blooms.”

While casually catching up with friends on Facebook, I came across this quote . It took my breath away. Such simple words of wisdom, but difficult to live.

I have spoken many times on The Comparison Trap. I have studied God’s word, researched psychology and my own life and know the vicious teeth of comparing ourselves with others. We either come away thinking too lowly of ourselves or too highly of ourselves. It is a rare occurrence when we compare and walk away content.

We are lured dangerously close when we see something we “wish” we had or were doing. SNAP! Jaws quickly clamp around our hearts. Once caught, it is difficult to escape—leaving us bleeding in greed, envy, jealousy, self pity—feeling “less than” or prideful. It is a crude, ugly trap.

For instance, one day I’ll have an idea and dream of trying something new. But then I see someone doing that very thing so much better than I ever could … so I don’t even try. I stop before I even get started. But so what!?! What if I am surrounded by crazy-talented musicians and technicians? Does that mean I shouldn’t pick up my guitar, even if just for enjoyment? Truth be told, if I don’t practice guitar then I’ll not be equipped to lead worship when asked. Why should I let other people’s gifts rob me of the few I have? It’s crazy when you stop to think about it that way.

I am learning that, for me, it all boils down to FOCUS. Where is my FOCUS? Is it on me? Is it on others? Both are traps leading me down the slippery slope of discontent. Only as I focus on God do I see my true self, my true value and worth. In the eyes of my Father I see delight. He loves me just as I am and invites me to go for it! The world is vast with many needs. He invites me to use all my gifts, in whatever form or stage of development, to share, to bless others, to celebrate and be fully alive. Even if He seems to have a hundred other people doing the same thing—they are not me and do not have the same circles of influence. His path for me is unique, carefully planned (Ps 139). What joy that brings!!! God has designed each of us to reflect His heart. It takes all of us ‘blooming’ to do that!

I want to learn from the flowers…

“Consider the lilies of the field and learn thoroughly how they grow; they do not toil nor spin. Yet I tell you, even Solomon in all his magnificence was not arrayed like one of these.” Matt 6:29

I am (and you are!) more magnificent than the lilies! Turn to the sun and BLOOM!

Please pray for me…


July 14-21 (my 38th year with Cru) our U.S. staff will gather in Ft. Collins, CO.  In addition to starting each day with extended times of worship and prayer (ahhhh), we will have concentrated times focused on how to reach minorities in our country. I look forward to hearing from God and his messengers!

Grief Group Facilitator Training

August 10-13 Michael and I will attend a 4-day training on facilitating grief groups. God continues to open doors leading us on this journey to be advocates for grieving hearts.

So grateful for you!

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