“What do you want me to do for you?” Jesus asked blind Bartimaeus. (Mark 10:46-52)
Immersing myself in this passage last September, I stepped into the story. . . sometimes identifying with the disciples who tried to quiet Bartimaeus, but also wondering what it must have been like to be Bartimaeus?
       The question Jesus asked was simple and direct. Of course he could have healed the blind man without a word. But Jesus posed the question and waited.
       It is this question Jesus asks each of us as we come to him desperate and beyond our ability. Last September, to my surprise, I fell mute unable to give an answer. For 5 months now I have been pealing back the layers to why I fell mute. Finally two weeks ago I answered, “I want to see what YOU want me to see.”
Immediately I heard in my head/heart specific verses, then “Isaiah 61.” Wow. To my recollection I have never committed that passage to memory.
     On Feb 10th I began a 40-day-prayer challenge focusing on Isaiah 61. As I pray through this chapter daily and unravel it line by line I am asking:  1) to know God’s HEART as revealed here, 2) to know what God is saying TO me, clear and unmistakably, and 3) to know what he is asking OF me.  This is an incredibly rich journey where God’s Word is coming alive in and to me. I invite you to join me!

Big-Break-panoramaEvery spring thousands of college students hit the beaches looking for a good time, a break from classes, and adventure. This environment often spawns bad decisions, binge drinking and partying. In a moment some lives are changed forever.

Every spring a few thousand college students from our Cru ministries across the country travel to Panama City Beach, FL, and Los Angeles, CA, not on a break but on a mission. They want to share Christ with their generation.

A year ago at Big Break 2015 Cru students initiated 13,069 spiritual conversations amidst the chaotic beach scene and presented the life-changing news of Jesus Christ 5,577 times! This resulted in hundreds of students accepting Christ into their lives. 

Not only are students coming to Christ at Big Break, but those students who share their faith and lead someone to Christ will never be the same.  Stormy was terrified to share her faith though she longed for others to know the forgiveness she had experienced. She learned at Big Break comfortable ways to initiate spiritual conversations, trusted God for courage, and was blown away watching students respond.  When she returned home to her campus, Stormy felt motivated to share Christ with her softball teammates. Equipped with the new skills she had practiced on the beach, she invited girls individually to lunch with her. By the end of her first week back on campus, Stormy had shared Christ with each of her teammates, and four made decisions to place their trust in Jesus. That is just ONE story.

Throughout March, pray for boldness for Cru students who long to reach their generation with the greatest news ever announced, and pray for open hearts! Because, in a moment some lives are changed forever.

Please pray:

  • as I pray 40 days in the passage of Isaiah 61 – to discern God’s heart, His voice, His call.
  • for Big Break 2016 as Cru college students share Christ with their generation on the beach, that thousands will come to know Him. (Little known fact: I was part of a Cru beach project 41 years ago. Learning how to share my faith impacted my life dramatically.)
  • as I teach and coach in upcoming Comm Labs: Orlando (Mar 14-18) and Indy (Apr 4-8)

Thank you for your partnership in ministry. Lives are being forever changed as we share the love of Christ with generations who are waiting to hear.