Some things in life cannot be fixed. They can only be carried.  

danbo-1873166_1280These words call to me. They ring true, don’t they? We live in a society that wants to fix things ~ or replace them. But some things can’t be fixed. Violent crimes against innocent people, powers of nature that ravage land and property, or horrendous accidents remind us – we are not in control. We feel so helpless, so small. We have been taught all our lives how to acquire things, but never how to lose them. Staring death, illness, or crushing loss in the face or seeing the effects it has on our friends, thrusts us outside our comfort zone. We don’t know how to “fix it.”

In June, care pastors and directors from a number of churches gathered at Shepherd’s Gate Inn to learn more about how to help those torn apart by grief.  It was the first time Michael and I led this seminar together. We shared practical ways to help “carry” the pain caused by a death or some other devastating loss. I loved hearing, “Well before today I would have said ___________, or thought ____________ about someone in grief, but now _____________.” Many told us they would return to their churches and approach things differently because they now view the grief journey from a new perspective.

Thank you for your prayers! God graciously answered. By training pastors and leaders we can touch many more lives. Equipping leaders is such a privilege.

Women’s retreat – How we view God, ourselves, and others impacts every area of our lives. As women, it is easy to fall into the comparison trap – where nobody wins. I loved inviting these women to take a serious look deep within their hearts and thought patterns, and then compare them to God’s words. Like prospecting for gold, we probed for truths of how God sees us. The unimaginable journey He took to insure a relationship with us proves the depths He will go to for each of us. The response to His heart was beautiful and freeing. Truly transforming.

PTSD and Grief      July 24-28  Michael and I will be in Ft. Collins, CO, learning from Dr. Alan Wolfelt, the founder of The Center for Loss and Life Transition. This 4-day training is our third course (of 5 required) for certification.  The topic: Companioning the Traumatized Griever: PTSD and the Need for “Catch-Up”Mourning.

Follow the Signs

Our sotrail-950689_1280n Chris moved to Colorado a year ago. He loves tackling the 14er’s (mountains over 14,000 ft high). He has bagged six already. While I can’t climb a 14er, I do love hiking in Colorado. The trails lead through field and forest, vail and mountain, by gentle streams and raging waterfalls. I am so grateful someone long ago blazed the trail and provided clear markers along the path. I now can enjoy what they first discovered.

Many ask what I plan to do with my grief studies and spiritual formation training. God has not yet revealed the “destination,” but He has made it quite clear, “this is the path, walk ye in it.” God knows the beginning, middle, and end. He created the trail and has graciously set up markers for me to follow at every turn. As Robert Frost beautifully wrote, “Way leads to way.”

Would I love to know more about the trail ahead? You bet! But I also long to soak in the beauty and lessons that are revealed along the way. God will unfold the path in His time, in His way.