Australia tourOur band Stone traveled to Australia in August and September. Their tour took them into high schools bringing the message of Christ to students. We received frequent urgent requests for prayer as it seemed obstacles arose at every turn. As seasoned missionaries, they knew the obstacles were prime opportunities to pray, trust God, and watch Him work.  For instance:

  • Teresa, the lead vocalist, struggled with laryngitis. As prayer requests were launched around the world via Facebook, God gave full voice to Teresa to sing and share the Gospel even though she could barely whisper before and after the concert.
  • The van our band was supposed to use for the tour broke down. With much flexibility and perseverance the band made it to all scheduled concerts.
  • Four concerts at one school were cancelled due to the sudden death of the host. Our team prayed for the staff at that school in their deep loss. God rerouted the band to other opportunities.
  • Minutes before one concert, part of the guitarist’s equipment malfunctioned. As he figured out a work-around, the band prayed for God to show His power in spite of the difficulty … and 17 of the 35 kids in attendance trusted Christ!

Stone shared the gospel with over 2,400 high school students over the course of three weeks. Where they were allowed to use comment cards, 245 students indicated decisions to accept Christ!!!!!! Surely there were more decisions at the rest of the concerts as well. Staff and chaplains at the schools have MANY students to follow up!!!

Worship Arts Weekend      What a great joy it is to pour into the next generation of worship leaders! Twice a year we invited college students who lead worship in their Cru movements on campus to come for intensive training in the skill of leading worship AND the heart of worship. In September we worked with students from seven campuses here in the midwest, and one local church team. I always teach a Resolving Conflict class which stimulates much conversation and healing. Thank you for helping make this possible!!!

Jeremy & LianaPersonal Heartache      Michael and I attended training for PTSD / Traumatic Grief in July and Suicide Grief mid-September. What a sacred time it was to listen and cry with those who had suffered such horrendous loss. Never in a million years did we think we would need these specialized trainings for our very own family. On September 27, Michael’s only nephew died a tragic death. Jeremy was a wonderful man and his loss leaves a huge hole in our family.

Though we are trained about grief and the affects it has on the bereaved  – mentally, emotionally, physically, socially, and spiritually – we still have to walk through the process and mourn our deep loss. We are trusting God to open a way for us to travel to California soon to be with Michael’s family at this difficult time.