For three weeks, 2,128 students gathered to grow deeper in their walk with Christ and learn how to share that life with others. Worship, teaching, practical training, and prayer was a vital part of each day.

These students initiated more than 15,000 conversations! Over 10,000 happened sharing a gospel-centered video, Falling Plates, over social media and then following up with people. We know of at least 600 appointments that were set up to talk further. One student had never had a spiritual conversation with his Dad, but after viewing the video, his Dad said he wanted to talk more about it when his son returned home. J

While 326 people came to Christ through these college kids, some amazing things happened at the conference as well. Three kids attending realized they had never placed their faith in Jesus and turned their hearts over to Christ. Then excitedly shared that joy with others.



The prayer room was busy every day, all throughout the day, as students surrendered their pain, struggles, and hearts to the grace of their loving Father and interceded for loved ones who don’t yet know Jesus.

Pray as students have returned to their campuses more full of Christ’s love and hearts for the world they encounter every day.


Please Pray for Dana:

Comm Lab, April 3-7, Orlando, FL

Pray as I teach and coach I will be able to skillfully equip our Cru staff and bring out the ‘gold’ in each person.


Spiritual Formation, April 13-14, Indianapolis, IN

Intensive training on the “Dark Night of the Soul” and how to accompany others as they wrestle spiritually.


You’re Not Alone Conference, April 20-23, Orlando, FL

Pray my sessions on grief and mourning will be timely and helpful for hurting parents.