40 years of ministry!

Growing up on a simple farm in Indiana, I never dreamed I would sing my way through 27 countries of the world.   Assigned as a soloist on staff with Cru  in 1977, I had great flexibility and mobility.  The platform of American music opened many doors.

“God loves you and has a special plan for your life,” I told a young girl on a crowded Hong Kong bus on my first international tour. “Who is God?” she ask, big brown eyes inquiring.  No one had EVER asked me that question before. Those three words ignited my desire to learn to communicate the message of Christ in clear, culturally relevant ways.

Many things have changed in the 40 years I have served with this ministry, but one thing has not: my desire to share Jesus in ways the hearer can understand.

Audiences ranged from few to thousands, in arenas, the Washington Mall, a Billy Graham crusade, churches, city parks, hotel ballrooms, college campuses and home events – all hearing about a God who desires a personal relationship with them.

So many questions swirl in our minds as we hit the decade birthdays or anniversaries. We stop and ponder:

“Where have I been?

What have I done with these years?

How have I changed?

Have I made a difference at all in anyone’s life?

What lies ahead?”

In the end, I agree with Corrie ten Boom, “There is no pit so deep, that God’s love is not deeper still.”  And I would add, no joys so high that His love is not higher still.

Condensing 40 years into one letter is impossible. Just listing highlights feels so inadequate. Life is made up of relationships, activities, big events, small insignificant moments that later become profound, learning, giving, serving, death, laughter, sorrow, growth, lean times and plenty. As I reflect on countless miles of travel around the globe, countless hellos and goodbyes (touring plus 8 moves across the country), sharing Christ with hundreds of thousands from the stage and one-on-one, gaining wonderful titles like Soloist, Comm Coach, Speaker, Spiritual Director, Grief Specialist, Mrs. and Mommy, I am overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with gratitude.

I draw from this deep well of experiences and surrender them all for God to use as He pleases moving forward.

Excited for all that He has in store!

None of this ministry would have been possible without faithful team members praying fervently and investing financially. You are my

lifeline and a gift to me and the many lives we touch!  Heaven alone holds all the stories of lives touched, seeds planted, and futures forever changed because of our partnership together.



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