Anthem City Christmas Tour

22 concerts
238 accepted Christ
361 rededications

One of the many notes the team received :

“I wanted to let you know at least some of the impact of the Anthem City concert at PCF. The week after the concert there was a baptism for those who had given their lives to Christ. This is where Raymond told me about the wonderful concert and the fact that at least 3 of the people who had been baptized made the decision as a direct result of attending the concert. Praise God!

“As if that was not enough, I also talked to one of the leaders of the Church Inside who had been wrestling with God’s call and struggling with a big decision. He attended the concert and was one of those crying (not understanding why), surrendering his resistance, and agreeing to take on the call of Pastor.

“Please let the group know the effect that they have on those Inside is huge and that through them souls are brought to God and the Church Inside grows and becomes stronger.”

I want to thank each one who prayed for Anthem City as they shared Christ in prisons and correctional facilities throughout December. Your prayers helped prepare hearts for God’s invitation! And many responded!!! Heaven rejoices!

No One Listens

“How many of you were on a debate team in high school?  How many of you were required to take a public speaking course in college? How many of you have taken communication or journaling classes?  How many of you have ever heard of, or participated in, a listening club?”

No one raised their hand for my last question. Honestly, I haven’t heard of a listening club either. As a culture we value speaking our thoughts broadly, but who is listening? Do we even know how to listen?

At the end of my seminars I challenged the students for the rest of the day to only ask questions and listen as they interacted with others. A number of students emailed me later telling of the incredible stories they heard and meaningful conversations they experienced. It was truly eye opening for them.

Jesus was a master at asking questions and gave very few answers. He said, “Seek and you shall find.” If we are to love well, we must listen well as those around us are seeking.

One Number off . . . coincidence? I think not.

I felt led to text a young teen that I had met with for grief to let her know I was thinking of her over Christmas break, and that I hoped she was able to meet with others who could walk with her on this difficult, and often lonely path of grief.

Immediate reply, “Well this is Miles. Lol. I am on break from college and ironically am heading to my grandfather’s funeral. I believe you have the wrong number but I’ll take this message anyway. Thanks.”

I texted him back explaining that I work with people in grief and made myself available if he ever wanted to talk or needed resources. “Well aren’t you a random blessing!”

The ‘error’ occurred because I was given the wrong number for my teen. . . it was only one number off. Oh the immense love of God who would orchestrate this message for Miles to tell him he was not alone in his grief.