Do prayers have a shelf life? Or expire? Where do prayers live? Are they kept somewhere before being answered and somewhere else after? So many questions.

While eating pizza on spring break Michael got a call from France. We don’t answer calls unless we recognize a name as we get robo calls every day. This time, someone left a message: “Hello! My name is Sacha, I am a student from Paris, France. I am trying to reach Dana Howard Russo who recorded several albums, especially one on Bread-n-Honey records.” WHAT???? How did someone in France even know about an album I recorded 41 years ago and find me? Long story short, Sacha, a 20-year-old student in France, loves rock, funk, gospel music, and old vinyl records. He had acquired Since then, I discovered that you did many more records, which I had the chance to hear, and I love them all, I am a big fan … I was wondering if you still have vinyl copies of your albums by chance? I am a music enthusiast and I would be honored to enjoy them at home.”  When asked how he got ahold of my LP in France, he replied, “I think you’ll be even more surprised to know that I found my copy in a record shop in Tokyo, Japan, last summer! I heard the other ones thanks to a Japanese friend (yes, again Japan) who collects Christian LPs. Crazy, right?

What Sacha doesn’t know is the backstory. In 1978 I was quite sick with mono and three throat infections when I was scheduled to record my first album with Cru. I had been in bed for weeks praying for a miracle. I begged my director, “Let me at least go into the studio. If it sounds awful we can reschedule.” As only God could do, He gave me supernatural strength, voice, and energy! I recorded 10 songs in a day and a half (never repeated that on subsequent albums). Little did we know that it would be months again before I could reproduce the notes I sang in the studio that day.

I prayed earnestly that God’s spirit would somehow go with each album to reach people I may never meet. I had forgotten that prayer . . . until this text. I forgot. God did not. Amazing that God would answer that prayer four decades later and use my music to minister to a young college student?

Makes me wonder what other prayers might still be active and alive out there? You too?

Spring Break Missions

Thousands of college students are using their spring break to grow in their faith, share their faith, serve others, launch new ministries around the world, etc. Pray for their safety, growth, and fruit that will remain.

April 8-13, Comm Lab,   Raleigh, NC

Once again, we are excited to offer the Comm Lab to Cru staff and leaders across the country. It is always a stretching time for all. Pray that we, coaches, can help diminish distractions and help bring out the unique strengths in each participant so they can share the greatest story ever told.

Certification Complete

Delighted to receive certification for the class, lab work and supervised training I completed with the Creative Grief Studio last semester. I am deeply grateful for more tools to help others through their grief journey.