LIVE now!

I have quite an imagination. Always have. Growing up on a farm I made little people (albeit pets) out of every animal, even dressing up countless cats in doll clothes.

For the past 13 years we have enjoyed two outdoor cats that we rescued from Dad’s farm as wild kittens. Their presence has brought comfort, understanding looks, playful spirits, and sweet companionship.

Sadly, this summer both Pumpkin and Midnight died . . . exactly one month apart. No more scratches at the door, no more nudges for attention, no more long cuddles, no more calming presence. We now have a palpable void in daily routines and our hearts.

Loss is hard. With every death we not only mourn the loss of what was a vital part of our life, but we are also confronted with our own mortality.  We can live in fear, which is a thief, or allow death to be a precious reminder to LIVE. Live now. Treasure relationships. Be present each moment. I want to fully honor and mourn my losses and also LIVE till I die.

(Licensed Mental Health Counselor)

The morning of Michael’s exam, he woke with excitement instead of fear. Definitely God’s grace! Passing this exam is huge! I’m so proud of Michael and grateful to God! Thank you for marching around “Jericho” with me in prayer for calm and great recall.

Now we explore, watch, and pray for God to open doors for the counseling job He has been preparing Michael for these past few years. Pray for peace and expectant hearts in the waiting for it all to be revealed and finalized.

July 16-25   Cru Staff Conference

Cru staff from across the U.S. will gather for our biennial staff conference in Ft. Collins, Colorado.

We want to celebrate together the cause that God has called us to and the fact that God also wants us to be… be in His presence and be in love with Him.

Prayer Requests:

  • Safety and grace for Michael and me as we are apart two weeks.
  • July 18 Vocal strength as I help lead worship for an event.
  • July 20 I am honored to lead a remembrance exercise at a Widow’s Luncheon for Cru staff. Pray that it will be meaningful for broken hearts.
  • July 22 I’ve been asked to record a story of God’s faithfulness for Cru’s Legacy Project, a video series to encourage younger staff to believe God in the midst of trials and doubts. Pray for wisdom as I choose which story to share. There are many!
  • July 25   I’ll be teaching a seminar called: Permission to Grieve in a Mourning-Avoidant Culture. Pray for God to speak and minister to hearts through me.