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Ungrateful kitties

Ungrateful kitties

Hostages!  Miserable. Big pleading eyes. Pathetic meows. Little paws poke through metal slats begging us to release them from captivity. They are being held against their will. Midnight and Pumpkin are used to living outside.  Free to roam wherever they please.   How can they possibly understand that we are saving their lives from deadly […]


Ever have trouble finding just the right gift for someone?  As a little girl and too young to have money, on her dad’s birthday my friend Bisserat used to run around the house and take things that belonged to her dad, wrap them up in whatever paper was available (magazine paper, newspaper, toilet paper…yes, really) […]

Breath of God

Happy New Year!  Every January I begin the same way:  nestled on the couch with my cup of coffee I begin reading in Genesis.  Creation.   New beginnings.  Something from nothing.  I like that.  Makes me hopeful. God creates heaven and earth, sun and moon, time, mountains, oceans, plants, sea creatures, birds, and animals.   “THEN […]